Remember remember


“Remember Remember the Fifth of November. Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. I see no reason why Gunpowder, Treason and plot should every be forgot”.

408 years ago, to the day, the Gunpowder plot was foiled. Parliament and King James were saved and Guy Fawkes was arrested. Nobody ever forgot the Fifth of November and to this day it is still remembered by fireworks up and down Britain.

6 years ago, on the Fifth of November 2007, I was in the last stages of labour, when I heard fireworks going off above Kingston On Thames. At 19.33 Elizabeth was born. I always tell her she had a real sense of drama, as she literally wanted to be born with a BANG. Little did I realise then my life would change forever. A mere few weeks later I became a single parent and everything I did, I did for my beautiful little baby.

Now we are 6 years down the line. And I keep thinking what a splendid job I have done so far. It was, and still is, hard work, every single day. But when I look at Elizabeth, I can’t feel anything else but utter pride. She is the sunshine at the start of the day and a little raincloud at intervals. She is the quiet before the storm and the raindrops after a spring shower. She is my everything.

Happy birthday, gorgeous girl. You teach me so much everyday and I love you with all my heart. Remember remember the Fifth of November. Thanks to you I will always remember!


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