The C -word

The dreaded C-word

No, you pervs, not THAT word. I mean the C for Christmas. You can smell it in the air. The excitement and anticipation for the festive season. People are starting to prepare their Christmas shopping lists, towns and cities are hanging up their Christmas lights. Santa and his elves come dangling by your twitter timeline counting down till THE BIG DAY. That is, if you have a twitter account and you follow them (as you do).

Every Christmas I say: “This is the LAST time I am celebrating it in England”. “Would be nice to once have Christmas at home”. Well, one email from eurostar and a mad dash to the credit card later, I have booked seats. To go to London, at Christmas. Again!

As it turns out, my daughter’s dad has to work over Christmas. Like he has been doing for the past few years. Nothing he can change about that, unfortunately. Christmas means being together with your family. And for Boo you can’t buy a bigger gift than the presence of her dad. Boo’s father and I have been seperated for nearly 6 years now, but we will always spend Christmas as a family. It really is a time for catching up, for good food, for loads of kiddy giggles (the whole English family together consists of 11 people, children included), for European and English traditions (boo’s gran is Polish, so she keeps Polish traditions alive as well) and it is a time for all round fun!

Not only will I spend time with Boo’s family. London is such a magical place over Christmas, I will always try to do some touristy stuff as well. There is a really nice exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery for all you history lovers out there, called: Elizabeth and her people

I also want to go here: Coriolanus
Thanks to the gorgeous Tom Hiddleston, ALL the performances are sold out. However, if any of you fine people can score me a ticket for 27th December, I will reimburse you with Belgian chocolate for the rest of your life.

Last but not least, Christmas to me also means checking out the wonderful Christmas lights. If you want to see them in their full glory, without being stampeded by an angry, shopping mob, you better check them out on Christmas day. London is virtually deserted at that time of year! You better pack an extra pair of eyes too, to soak it all in.

I won’t say Merry Christmas yet, but I will leave you with something to wet the appitite







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