Monday Melodies

I love music! Always have done. My earliest childhood memories are about music and how texts, which I didn’t quite grasp, still had special meaning to me. Nikita, by Elton John for example, or It’s a Sin by The Pet Shop Boys. I remember vividly, how I’d be glued to the tv when vj’s would announce new videoclips. Later in life, this love for music resulted in me taking up pianolessons. But my big love I reserved for dancing. 18 years of ballet and other forms of dance.

Now I am a mum, piano and dancing have taken a backseat. However, the radio is always on in this household. I love how my kids pick up silly tunes or great melodies with such ease like I used to do. I recently taught them how to sing “staying alive” by The Beegees. We are far from the Family Von Trapp, but singing and dancing are regularly practised in this house! Even if it is just to upset the neighbours at 7 in the morning. (They shouldn’t start drilling holes in the wall at 10 pm either!)

Today, I was made aware of Melody Mondays, where you dedicate a blogpost to a tune which tickles your tastebuds. One of my alltime favourites is this song Elbow: one day like this
It is such a happy, go lucky song. Especially apt on such a beautiful day like this.

I hope you enjoy it. If you want to participate in Melody Mondays, a lovely lady (@kim_chyna) has started this idea. And you can link your post to her too, using this:

Living with Mr M & Les Enfants

Thanks for reading!

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