Bike versus car ~ what would you do

Scarve, feather down long coat, another scarve, hat. *blasted, I forgot my gloves*

This is what schoolrun is like for me at the moment. Autumn has taken hold of the country. And inevitably, it means frostier mornings. Three months ago, I bought my “piece de resistance”. A shiny, brand new, all electric cargobike! It can seat up to four children, plus bags and can hold your groceries as well in one go. It really is a beauty, if I say so myself.

So, schoolrun is done on my Iron Steed, every morning. And this morning, IT WAS COLD. I dressed the kids really well and they snuggled under a blankie. By bike, schoolrun takes about ten minutes, so we’d be in school in no time.

I bought the cargobike for several reasons. As a single parent, life is expensive. So a car really is a luxury I can’t afford. Petrol, insurance, upkeep. All expenses which add up at the end of the month. Combine this with my love for Mother Nature and you will soon see why I don’t want a car either. I live in a small provincial town of 65k people. Everything can be done by bike, so why even own a car? Everyone should make a decision what we could do for the future of our kids. Mine is trying to reduce my family’s ecological footprint. And not owning a car, makes a big impact!

Owning a cargobike means another great advantage. Traffic is a breeze. Every morning I see queues and queues of cars, stuck in traffic jams. Drivers who think they own the road, and the curb, when parking like pricks everywhere. Just because it is a bit frosty and they don’t want their behinds to freeze off. (Little sidenote: it doesn’t actually freeze off, it only goes slightly numb). And then we cycle by….and this little voice inside my head goes “suckers!!!”

Why people insist on taking their children to school by car, is beyond me. A nice cycle in the morning definitely clears the cobwebs out of your head. You experience a lot less stress, because traffic jams would be a thing of the past. It costs less money and you’d probably avoid a few parking tickets as well. And most importantly, you instill an idea in your children’s head, cycling is the way forward to making this world a better place. I would love to see “King Car” being dethroned. And if we all make a bit of an effort, it could work!



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