Three, my little Monkey turns 3 years old today!

Three years ago to the minute, I was in hospital and the midwives had just broken my waters. Contractions were coming on faster and harder by the minute and about noon, Henry was born. I gave birth to Henry practically on my own. No dad, nor family around. It was my wish, to experience the birth of my child by myself. It was a very special moment. With only the midwife there, I was even able to cut the umbilical cord myself. Henry was a perfect little angel!

Every year, when we celebrate his birthday, I think back on this day. Like most mummies do, I suppose. Although, for me this day also holds some special feelings. From this day, I’d be a single mum by choice alone. As you know from previous posts, Henry’s dad made some terrible choices in life and he decided not to be part of his son’s life.

So, there we were. Just a Monkey and his mama! A wriggly little thing, snuggling up to me, in search for some milk. I wondered how I was ever going to raise this tiny thing all by myself.

Three years down the line…..”bye bye mama, I am going to Miss Jo now! *kisses*”

Henry has turned into a splendid little chap. And I call him my Monkey Son. He loves to climb and he regularly falls off things. He even had a broken clavicle to prove this ability! He loves going to school and be with his teachers. He adores Miss Inge and Miss Jo! My little baby is not so little anymore.

He is my boy, and I love him with all my heart!

Happy birthday Henry. Lets bugger on together and make it to 4!!


2 thoughts on “Three

  1. What a gorgeous sweetheart and what a strong mummy he has! Well done on making firm, difficult decisions and sticking to them for what you knew to be the right reasons – it’s amazing how strong parents can be!

    Hope his birthday is filled with joy!


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