When family needs help and kids grow up

The last few weeks have been especially trying for myself and my family. The beginning of February was marked by illness. We all suffered from flu, sinusitus etc…afterwards Henry decided he needed to cut two teeth at once. Followed by a bout of norovirus for all of us. In the meantime Elizabeth changed schools. From a way below average school to an academically advanced school. So she needed to catch up on homework and schoolwork. Which resulted in an overstressed little lady! My granddad fell ill in Spain. A common headcold got to him. He became very confused, aggressive, suicidal, his motor skills deteriorated, his speech deteriorated. My mum and I went to Spain to bring him back home to a Flemish hospital. Granddad is doing ok at the moment. On medication now, but we don’t know what the future will hold. It has been a real rollercoaster ride of taking care of my kids, my parents and grandparents. Everything is settling down at the moment, ready for the next big thing occurring in our lives. In three weeks time my little monkey will go to school fulltime.

This month, on the 17th, Henry became 2 1/2. Which means he can start going to school after the Easter holiday. He has had one try-out already and it went really well. He is loving his little classroom and his teacher is the sweetest person I know. We are also in the middle of getting Henry potty trained, which is a very big challenge. He hates sitting in his potty!

Now Henry is almost going to school, I find myself reflecting back on the past years. The pregnancy I did all on my own. No help from Henry’s dad, because he got admitted for alcohol and drugsabuse. With a 2 year old Elizabetth to take care of. Henry’s delivery, which I did on my own, except for the midwife and doctor in the room. I was even allowed to cut the umbilical chord myself. The first four months of nighttime breastfeeding every two hours. Henry’s first birthday celebrated at Burghley House. His first steps at 13 months, his first words at 2…..big milestones we all did together! And now, on 15th April, we will all go to school together and start a new adventure. How time flies, even for a single parent family. I can’t be more proud of my babies!







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