What to do on a full moon? You assemble the perfect man!

It is a full moon today, and surely, there we go…I can’t sleep!

How to deal with insomnia? Blogging ofcourse! Someone asked me quite an interesting question today.

what would your perfect man be like?

I gave it some thought, so here goes:

The body of Emmanuel Delcour
The eyes and the smile of Tom Hiddleston
The hair of Benedict Cumberbatch
The voice of Steve Balsamo
The fingers of Matt Bellamy (for playing guitar you pervs)
The wit of Michael Mcintyre
The cooking skills of James Martin
The geekyness of David Tennant
The moves of Howard Donald
The brain of Tim Berners-Lee
The poetic skills of John Keats
The drama skills of Shakespeare
The sense for drama of King Henry VIII
The Britishness of Mr. Darcy (I realise he is fictional).

So, there you go. Quite the list, if I may say so myself. If you find him, please send him my way! Till then, a girl can dream, can’t she?


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