A day of bad news

I got some bad news today. One of my friends is terminally ill with cancer. She has decided to stop further treatment. I am not sure about her prognoses, but I suspect this is a case of weeks, instead of months. The second friend I am about to lose in a year. In April I lost a dear friend to lung cancer, and now this….

My friend is also Henry’s carer when I am in school. The last two days I have been frantically on the search for a new place for Henry. The search is proving very hard. All available places taken until September next year. I have applied for 6 weeks emergency care, so I can at least go to school and find a solution for January. But even if I am getting this emergency care, the outlook is proving dim. Childcare in this country and in this town is very hard to come by.

When I started school, I was so looking forward to getting on with my life. Learn new things, meet new friends. Now, I am about to lose someone dear. I have no carer for Henry, which means I might have to quit school, which in turn means I might loose my benefits. All on top of my depression hitting an all time low.

Yet again, no light at the end of the tunnel. I am feeling alone, lost and hurt….I have asked for help, but receiving none.

What to do?


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