When life throws a curveball.

I have been in the spirit of blogging lately and I have noticed the response I have been getting so far has been quite amazing. All your comments, thoughts and ideas are so appreciated! And frankly, they give me strenght.

This week has been a week where life has been throwing several curveballs to me and people around me. As you may or may not know, I have decided to go back to school and study to become a nurse. At first I wanted to become a midwife, but that degree is not government sponsored. Nursing is! And after months of consideration, I decided to take this step into a new future. I am a carer already, I love working with and for people, I love being social and I love helping people who need care. So, nursing it is. Because there is a huge shortage of nurses here, the Belgian government does a lot to attract new people to do the three year course. The full course gets funded, we get special grants, etc…for me, the only problem was my son Henry. From April onwards, my son can go to school. My course, however, starts in September. I found this really lovely lady, who offered to take care of Henry from September till April, so I can start my course without delays.

I got all excited with the prospect of doing something for myself! Five years or taking care of my kids has been really fulfilling. But me, as a person….lets just say, there was no “me” as a person. It was always “mama” or “the mum of Elizabeth and Henry”‘. As a person I have always put myself last. In the end, that is pretty mindnumbing. So, this course to me was also a way of creating a whole new identity for myself.

Unfortunately I got some pretty horrific news this week. The lady who was going to take care of Henry has become very ill. She found a lump and the doctors got it out. After a biopsy, they discovered the tissue was malignant. So, she needs radiation asap. Needless to say, when you have cancer, there is no way you can go and take care of someone elses 2 year old. I just felt like my entire world collapsing. Not only has one of my dear friends cancer. The thought itself makes me want to cry. But also, I have to postpone my studies. Where am I going to find a nanny in such a short notice…

However, I am a single parent, and I do what single parents do best. I fight! If life throws me a curveball, I throw it back and whack it on the head. It is not good to try and pick a fight with a single parent. We are fearless!

I have taken to social media now to see whether I can find some help in the nanny department. Via a friend I have found a nanny from the end of september till the end of October. So now I am looking for someone who would like to come and have an adventure with us from November till February. It would be a live-in job. Room and board basically. 4 days a week, taking care of Henry, who is two. Elizabeth is in school, so she would only need to be picked up when school finishes and I should mostly be home around that time. I am not asking for any household chores. I am looking for someone who is passionate about children and who would like to have a good time playing with them and teaching them new things while I am out. My children are bilingual Flemish and English, so language is of no worry to us.

I hope twitter, facebook and this blog can help me out of my predicament. I know there are some good people out there, but the question now is, who would like to join this Monkey Household for awhile? Is it you, let me know!

3 thoughts on “When life throws a curveball.

  1. I am definitely RTing this everywhere I can, hoping you can find someone to do a quick fill-in on this. And good on you for getting in there and going back to re-school!

  2. I’ve been retweeting too! I surely hope you’ll find someone soon!
    I I wasn’t studying myself, I would have loved to help out! I love kids and have already some experience handling kids for full days (daycare, babysitting on 2 monkeys from a self-employed mommy).

    You’re a real fighter =D

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