From Wild Child to Domestic Goddess

Last week a friend asked me, if I wanted to go out on Saturday. Like me, my friend is a single mum of two lovely kids and she thought it was a good idea we’d have a get together, a drink, perhaps some dancing. So, I agreed to come with her.

This was the first time in three years, I actually went on a proper night out. Three years…..I can’t believe it has been that long. Granted, I did go out on a date in April with “Mr. Right Now” (read here about him, but that was just for drinks in a local hotel bar.

A proper night out! The prospect was actually very exciting. Especially the “meeting new people aspect”. My friend picked me up at my house and we walked into town. We stopped at a couple of places, including the local Irish pub.

I can say, we had fun! A good conversation, a drink, a dance in the end….although I can now also honestly say: going out, I think I have outgrown it. I used to be someone who’d go out at least twice a week. I loved dancing. Even made it into my hobby-profession for awhile. Fun and crazy times to say the least.

Almost five years ago (in November) I became a mum for the first time. Obviously that event changed my life. Three years later I did it all over again, when Monkey Son was born. Changing again, who I was…..

Yesterday it became very apparent how much I have changed over the past five years. Whereas I used to be a Wild Child, I have now become a Domestic Goddess. I used to think: “where is the cutest guy in the club, so I can go and chat him up?”, now I think: “hmmm, the dude looking at me, you reckon he’d enjoy a conversation about *insert subject*”; probably something along the lines of baking bread or Tudor History, or even parenting! The kind of people going out in my town don’t seem much interested in Domestic Goddess subjects.

Him: “what are you drinking”
Me: “coke”
Him: *smug* “I don’t drink anything else but alcohol and so should you”
Me: (in my head) “ai caramba”

Going out! The rules of “hunting” have stayed the same since I put my first steps into the partyscene. But I, as a player in this game, have moved on. I rather cuddle up on the couch with a good book, or watch a geeky movie, or do some knitting, or potter about in the garden even. Obviously a new problem arises then: How to meet new people? How do you meet a potential partner if you don’t feel like doing the whole going out thing anymore?

My friend put it quite nicely: “who knows, we will probably meet our Mr. Right in isle 6 of the local supermarket”.

Now THAT would be some story to tell!


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