Poem: A full moon wish

Kings and Princes,
Nobles and Gentlemen,
forever glorified
By Masters of the Word.

Darcy, Louis,
Henry or Edward.
Literary men,
capturing my heart
and vibrating my soul,
whenever I read their tales again.

You were created in fiction
And kept alive by my fantasy
Never ageing, like Dorian Gray.

The template of a perfect lover,
for me and others.
But oh, don’t we wish a man,
a true gentleman
such as them?

So, this night of full moon,
before I close my weary eyes,
I say a little prayer:
May my bookcase be filled with
A tiny bit of magic,
and perhaps a sprinkle of faerie dust.
So literature can become reality,
for my perfect half to find me,
Very, very soon.


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