Public service announcement for YOU MEN OUT THERE

Public service announcement (especially for you, men, out there):

A woman’s affection cannot be bought by fancy words, nor purchased by gifts or handouts. A woman’s affection is precious, like the salt of the earth or the rays of the sun. It should be treasured and cherished. It can ONLY be gained through giving her your precious time, your attention towards her and your presence.

Can you just all make a mental note and remember it??


A woman

3 thoughts on “Public service announcement for YOU MEN OUT THERE

  1. I guess you will have to fix your own stuff. Men have been court ordered to sit. Men only get happy when war or breeding comes into play. You win, here is some sweet nothing.

  2. You’re right, but then again, proper men are no different and thus want the same.

    Except for in this society there’s an irrational idea amongst men and women which makes men court women while the opposite doesn’t take place. It’s time that in the search for affection/love, our society evolves to one where we treat each other in the same manner.

    Just my two cents after being fed up with trying my best in a proper and gentle way but getting rejected time and time again.

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