In a city unknown -ode to the night-

Black clouds gather,
In a city unknown,
When Nature manifests
The ominous truth
Of self-loathing and fear.
Buried skin deep
When my demons are near.

People walk by,
In a city unknown.
They smile at a child,
Whose innocence grows,
With every hello, goodbye, farewell
they show.
They look at the sky and hurry away,
The oncoming storm,
not for them to share.

As I lay in my bed,
In a city unknown.
Thick drops of rain,
On my window and soul.
I talk to the devils and fallen angels alike.
I show them my scars from the battle of life.
They mock, they scorn
As the flesh still heals.
They yielded the knife and made me feel
The department of hope,
Was fantasy, not real.

The night passes by,
In a city unknown.
Laughter in the distance,
In a city unknown.
Tears on a pillow,
In a city unknown.


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