A dark weekend

A weekend of many deaths, young and old alike. A weekend of a burning Athens, a burning Syria and many others struggling and fighting for freedom. I grieve for all lives lost and hope families can find solace in good memories of their loved ones. We have entered dark and hard times, but together we have to fight to give our children a better world. A world without oppression and dictatorship, a world without politicians who use the bank’s credit crunch to make cuts left, right and centre, a world without politicians, who rather serve their own, than their people, a world without drugs or other devastating addictions. A world where everyone is equal. Regardless of race, colour, religion, status in life.

I want to send out my deepest sympathies to my friends who have lost loved ones this weekend. You know who you are.

And lastly, I really hope Michael and Whitney look down on us and make us learn from their mistakes! May you rest in a peace you never found in life.

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