What’s it like, having “Me time”?

This evening, I am feeling totally shattered. Such a busy day we had. Obviously mummy had to do her chores in the morning. Take care of kids and ninjacat. I also had to take care of a multitude of sheets I had draped everywhere to dry. And another load of laundry. Kids are such messy little people! Like they create laundry from nowhere!

For lunch we had a roast dinner. With WE I mean my two monkeys. It was so nice, they practically ate all of it, leaving me with the leftovers. Quite a disadvantage, being a single parent on a really low budget. Kids come first, when it comes to food!

Today also saw the first snow of the winter. When we got up, Boo and Monkey were so excited, I had to promise I’d take them out for some snow fun. A promise I fulfilled after our lunch. Boo threw some big snowballs and I have never heard my son squeal so much in excitement. It wasn’t his first snow, but the first he could see and realise. The look on his face was so precious.

After our snowfun, it was time to walk into town for some errands. By now we had some cold, snowy showers as well. And it was turning quite horrid. Our 3 o’clock snacktime was spent having cake and hot chocolate. Afterwards we quickly walked home again. Belgium saw a general strike today, so no bus home. My daughter was such a brave lady! Her little legs took her all the way back.

When we got home, I realised my living room windows were so drafty. They are single glazed, with iron frames. Might as well put plastic in them, for the same effect! Monkey’s playpen was standing right in the draft. So I gave the playpen a new place, which meant I had to rearrange the other furniture. My back now strongly disagrees with this decision.

5pm already?? Tea time. I fed the kids some leftover spaghetti and put them in their pj’s. Then they watched tv, while I did dishes, hung up laundry, and got everything tidied up. By 6.30, after brushing teeth and reading a story, they were in bed.

At 7pm I had my first meal of the day. I promised I’d take more care of myself. But single parenting is deciding otherwise again!


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