Feeding an army ~ the stuff kids eat in a day

I’d like to talk to you about food. As food is a big part of my little family and routine. It seems like my day revolves around food times, of which the rest of the day was just created to wait for food. I guess that happens when you have an always hungry brood! (and cat)

For breakfast the kids always have a bottle of milk. Yes, even the 4 year old still drinks a bottle of milk. Without fail. And then our guilty pleasure: chocolate waffle. I know, not the most nutricious stuff to eat in a morning, but wait wait! When I clean up the kids’ breakfast, I have my first cup of coffee of the day and do some bits and pieces online. An hour later, three pairs of eyes are staring at me! Second breakfast, please! Food for the cat (biscuits, he hates it!), fruit for the daughter (whatever is in season) and a smoothie and cornflakes for son and mummy. Tidy up, put son in bed….when son wakes up it is food time (again).
In my town we are very lucky to live near what we call a “social restaurant”, run by a charity. But financially supported by the council. We go there every day during the week for a 3 course meal. I pay 5.75€ for soup, main meal and dessert. The people serving the food in this restaurant are really nice and they serve up a bit extra on my plate. As they know I feed the kids first and I eat the leftovers. So, for lunch the kids eat half a bowl of soup (mostly I have nothing left of it), some potatoes and meat and veg if it looks nice (you know what kids are like with veg) and the all important pudding. Which I divide in two! When they have eaten well, my daughter goes into the kitchen and asks two biscuits from the chef. She always comes back with a handful! They can have one biscuit each and the rest I keep as spares!

In the afternoon we do snacktime around 3pm. My daughter likes a variety of things, from fruit to cake. Really depending on where we are or what I have in the house. She mostly has an orange juice as well. My son prefers to have a bottle of milk and some organic biscuits like rice waffles or carrot sticks. He even likes dried raisins!

5 pm means teatime! The daughter has this….(see picture below)


Plus a bottle of chocolate milk.

My son also has a bottle of milk and when he is still hungry a chocolate spread sammie. I normally eat after their teatime, when they are in bed. Also mostly sandwiches or if the funds are there, a take away/delivery. Sushi is currently my favourite. Shame it is so expensive. Cat has my leftovers and he gets fed again when I go to sleep. Wet food this time, which he eats in 20secs flat!

Sometimes it feels like I am feeding an army. And I am sure it won’t get any better in the future!


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