Blogging~ what is it about

Since I have been on twitter, I have met a few people who blog about being a parent. I have been reading these blogs with great interest. Most of them are quite funny, endearing and make my head nod affirmatively on a daily basis.

So I thought….why don’t I try to do this blogging thing too. I have a few reasons really. First of all, I think there is a huge gaping hole in society staring right down at us. The hole of the single parents. Yup, we are out there people. Most of us struggling to survive (wouldn’t call it living). Perhaps I can make people more aware of what it is like, being a single parent. Not to whine or whinge or sounding like the eternal negative nancy (we do have brilliantly fun days too), but just to raise a tiny bit more awareness. Because, whether we all like it or not….society is changing. More and more people become single parents. Mostly unwilling. 20% of people are classified as poor, 35% of these people are single parents. And that, dear folk, is the harsh truth!
I also want to blog for my children. So they can later read the tales of their antics! See the pictures and laugh at our sillyness. And who knows, I might have some material to blackmail them later 😉

So, here is a single parent. I am 33 this year and am taking care of a 4 yo and a 16 month old since day 1. Help is fairly scarce and I have to admit I have been struggling with depression for over a year now. Let me take you on a journey through my life! I promise you, it won’t be an easy ride.

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